My name is Peg Leach.

I’m an expert with four decades of experience in hiring leaders and helping entrepreneurs to hire leaders.

I focus on helping solopreneurs such as yourself make the most important hire of all…. your FIRST hire in your business.

Early in my career, I started out as an entry-level teller, working my way up towards branch manager at Bank of America.

In this capacity, I was responsible for interviewing and hiring tellers. I learned firsthand what to look for in hires, and how to interview effectively. I learned how important it was to screen employees to make sure they not only had the skills needed, but were trustworthy and a good fit. I learned how to ask the right questions to get the information we needed.

Later, I decided to move out of the banking industry, and into real estate, as a successful realtor’s first hire. (In other words, I became exactly the kind of person who I now help my clients hire!)

Peg Leach - Founder of Dream Team By Design

At that time, my new boss was doing everything herself.

She had all the symptoms of over-stress and over-burden that drive my current clients to seek their first hire: working 24/7, no time for rest, family or self-care, missed appointments and deadlines, leads falling through the cracks, constant scrambling to make deadlines, disorganized CRM, accounting and paperwork, no systems in place and thus little ability to scale (and on and on…)

Peg Leach - Founder of Dream Team By Design

I was her first “fix everything and create systems” hire. In the corporate world, jobs functions are standardized, and it’s not that hard to figure out what each hire is supposed to do. It’s a completely different ball-game, however, when solopreneurs make their first hire. At first, my new boss didn’t even really know what she needed–and in fact, our interview consisted largely of me telling her what I would come up with to make her life and business easier! After being hired, I took the reigns and started doing stuff for her, showing her what I was doing, and letting her focus on the higher-leverage parts of her business.

I completely revamped her digital and paper filing systems, created a sales funnel in checklist form to guide and manage prospects through the buying process. I changed her marketing systems to make them more efficient. I then wrote and created a job position for myself to take over a lot of her duties so that she could focus on business development–and then helped hire hire my replacement when I decided to move on to different work.

I then went to work recruiting and hiring for a staffing company.

I conducted interviews for temp-to-perm positions in industrial jobs and customer service. One of my larger accounts was a Honda supplier that had 75-100 staff members I was managing, working for them at any given time.

In this capacity, I took all of my prior hiring experience, learned all of the other pieces of the employee lifecycle, such as regulatory compliance, payroll, health insurance and benefits, safety training, work comp plans, tax issues, firing and layoffs, disciplinary measures, back-office management, and diversity.

Peg Leach - Founder of Dream Team By Design

In 2004, I began helping my husband build his business, Willie’s Crane Service, which operates cranes primarily for billboard upgrade and repair, which has been growing ever since.

Part of this growth was enabled by hiring specialized crane operators, who are running 40-ton cranes with human lives at stake 200 feet above the ground. Needless to say, hiring the right person takes on a new level of meaning when the wrong hire could cause catastrophe. Through this hiring expertise, and other business expertise, I helped him build it into a $500,000 business within 5 years.

Put simply, I have forty years of experience in all aspects of hiring. In the entire field of hiring, however, I most love helping people make their first hire.

I admire you, as a solopreneur, for stepping out, doing something on your own, and making a success of it.

I know how important the business is to you–it truly is your baby!–and I know how scary, expensive, and potentially dangerous it is for you to make your first hire.

I’m here to help you find the right person, thus experiencing the magic of just how much the right hire can make your business and your entire life better.

  • Thank you for bringing so much to the table Peg! You have really been a huge help with us and staffing! You helped us create a roadmap for the talent we are in need of, write job descriptions from the top down, helped us with the current folks in place to see where growth and opportunity from within could come and continue to bring ideas for retainment and bettering the business to a group that gets caught up too much in the trenches and can lose sight! We love the Stay Interviews, you collect information that the staff may never have shared with us, all of which would/could better the business. We also believes it shows the staff that we do value them and what they have to offer/suggest. Having everyone participate also helps build the team!

    Andrea Cashman, Director of Development - Cashmans Horse Equipment

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