I design custom staffing plans

for small business owners who want to grow.

I believe having the right team is the answer to everything.

I design custom staffing plans

for small business owners who want to grow.

I believe having the right team is the answer to everything.

If you have ever held your head in your hands in despair over employee issues , we need to talk.

It really is possible to build your Dream Team by developing a staffing plan that is customized for your unique business. The key is understanding that it doesn’t happen overnight. The system I can teach you will put the process in motion to become a seamless part of your daily operations.

This is for you if

  • You haven’t been able to find good, dependable people in a long time.

  • You feel like your employees seem to come to work just to get a paycheck.

  • You find them goofing off or hanging around, ignoring work that needs to be done.

  • No one seems to care about the quality of their work and just seem to want to get it done as quickly as possible.

  • Employees are fighting amongst themselves, gossiping and complaining about each other.

  • Employees are quitting  after a short period of time due to any of the above.

This is not for you if

  •  You are never shorthanded due to unexpected absences and you don’t have to step in to help out because your team has it handled.

  • Everyone on your team has been with you forever and wouldn’t think of walking out on you.

  • The morale of the whole team is better than it’s ever been.

  • Your customers rave about the service they get because your staff treats them like rock stars.

  • Every day your workplace is filled with sparkles and moonbeams – (sorry, got a little carried away there).

  • If you get the opportunity to work with Peg, you're extremely lucky.  She's everything you want in a mentor: patient because she's seen it all and truly wants to help organizations improve through what she knows, as kind and caring as they come, funny and witty without even trying, and most importantly passionate about what she does.  She is truly a pro and you want her on your team.  I could not have asked for a better teacher and mentor when I was transitioning from one stage of my career to the next.


    Rachel B.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Peg over the last several years both professionally and personally.  What started as a professional relationship evolved into a personal friendship.  Peg is wonderful to work with and always has her clients' best interests and success in mind.  She is professional, friendly and responsive.  You will not regret partnering with Peg!!  

    Melanie N.
  • Peg was always willing to help me; especially when I had an unusually large amount of placements, she would jump right in there and help me with staffing the right person to the right position.  She is a go-getter and her work ethic and personality make her PERFECT for her line of work.  

    Krystal P.
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Peg Leach for a few years and have nothing but praise for her strong work ethic and positive attitude.  Peg always greeted me and others with a smile and showed a real willingness for going the extra mile if and when necessary.  In my estimation, Peg is first-class all the way."  

    Vickie C.
  • I have worked with Peg for almost 3 years at the $200 million Dublin Road Water Treatment Plant Improvement Projects.  Peg was able to develop a good working relationship with all parties involved.  Peg is able to work through problems that come up while keeping a positive attitude and a very pleasant personality.

    George B.
  • Peg & I worked together for a large international employment agency.  It was such a pleasure to work with a detailed professional.  Peg had to deal with a variety of employees and clients.  Each were treated fairly, honestly, and with respect.  She excelled at finding the right person for the various companies we serviced - from office workers, manufacturing positons, general labor and more.  Always reliable and dependable, Peg was able to always be at her best whether dealing with people in person or on the phone.  No problem was too big or too small for her to handle.  She would be an asset to any company who works with her.

    Sandy S.
  • Working with Peg was a pleasure - she works hard and is a great leader.  She is very motivated and focused.

    Dee M.
  • I worked with Peg for quite a while in staffing.  She has a great work ethic and always made sure that she treated everyone with respect.  She is honest and hard working.  If I wasn't retired and had to work again, I would work with her again in a minute.

    Chris A.
  • Without reservation, Peg has my highest recommendation for her ability to efficiently run an office but more importantly her interaction with employees is second to none.

    Roger B.
  • Peg with Dream Team by Design has been an excellent source of information for my growing business. It is difficult for me to adequately capture Peg’s scope of services; I feel that she has so many areas of expertise to offer. For me, it was about the need for balance in my life and my work and the need to focus in on the right things. As business owners, we sometimes get caught up in the everyday grind and forget to look at the bigger picture. That also happens in the reverse; we are so busy chasing big dreams that we fail to see our business’ everyday needs. Whether it’s time management, employee staffing, or personal development, Peg is able to draw on her professional training and her personal experience as a business owner. She believes that every issue deserves a workable solution. I really feel that Peg took the time to hear all of my concerns and reassure me that I could find solutions. And, I did! I am already seeing a huge improvement in my time management skills. As I grow more confident in my newfound ability to prioritize, I can see that my business will also see a strong benefit. The greatest part is that Peg can continue to work with me on every area of my business. I am looking forward to our future projects together.

    Leah C.

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The first step towards building a smoothly functioning team is to design and build a process for attracting the best people for your business even in a tight labor market. (Why use a cookie cutter approach when you can create a customized plan to fit your unique needs?)


Use the right criteria in order to match candidates to the job, the team, and the culture. (Learn how to discover an applicant’s thought process with a simple online assessment.)


Create a solid foundation for your new hires by making sure they feel that they are a valuable part of the team from day one. (Hint: not doing this properly will cause you to lose people during the 90-180 day range.)


Keep the conversation going by communicating consistently, regularly acting on feedback and being attentive to new issues before they escalate into major problems. (We can automate this process using social media tools and/or mobile apps to keep it from being a time suck.)


Create an environment for collaboration and engagement by making sure all are involved in helping to build the business is key to keeping your team members productive and enthused. (For example, ask for volunteers to be a part of a focus group to come up with ideas to improve customer service.)


Foster a culture of appreciation, including peer-to-peer as well as more formal achievement awards, to develop a positive workforce giving their best effort every day. (Make it easy for team members to show their appreciation to their co-workers by giving them the necessary tools.)


Develop a smooth and cordial offboarding process to reinforce your reputation as an employer of choice. (Every day it becomes more important for your business to be considered a great place to work. Just one negative comment by a disgruntled former employee can have an impact on hundreds of potential applicants – even if it isn’t an accurate account.)

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